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Student Accounts

Bulldog Card Office

NOTICE: We are currently experiencing a delay in processing Bulldog Cards. There could be up to a two week wait to receive your card. If you have received notification that your photo submission was approved, you will receive your card in the mail. If you have not received a link to submit your photo, please email us at

If you have an immediate need for your card, please email us.

We have notified various areas on campus so you can access services without interruption by showing your government issued ID and your Student ID number. Please email us if you are denied services because you do not have a Fresno State ID card.

We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Contact the Bulldog Card Office for any questions: 559.278.5608 |

The Bulldog Card Office is CLOSED to in person services until further notice.

Due to the COVID-19 virus we will no longer be taking in-person student ID card photos. Instead, photos will be accepted via a personal link sent to your email address. For further instructions on the submission prcoess visit the online submission tab below. If you did not recieve an email after requesting a link, please reach out to the Bulldog Card Office.The photo you submit will be used on your Bulldog Card.

The biggest issue that will delay your bulldog card is your photo not meeting the US passport standards. Please follow the US Passport submission guidelines to avoid having your photo rejected.


  • Students can purchase parking passes at the Parking Office on Barstow Avenue
  • Access to Save Mart Center Box Office and University Student Union Bowling
  • Make Purchases at Starbucks (in the Library), The Bucket, Robertito's, Panda Express, Subway, Taco Bell, Juice It Up!, and Paws-n-Go markets around campus
  • Check out laptops, cameras, hotspots, tablets, etc. from Tech Lending
  • Entrance to Student Recreation Center by Save Mart Center
  • Entrance to the Bike Barns and access to emergency bike repair kits inside
  • Purchase discounted entertainment tickets at the USU Information Center
  • Reserve a study rooom, and attend on campus workshops
  • Entrance to the Dining Hall
  • Swipe your card to print, copy, scan and fax on campus
  • Access to Meditation and Prayer Room
  • Discount student football tickets
  • Access to Student Health Center
  • Rent and buy textbooks at the Kennel Bookstore
  • Ride FAX (Fresno Area Express) Buses for free

The Bulldog Card Office in coordination with Procurement and Technology Services produces Copy Cards for distribution and use with the swipe-only multifunction (print/copy/FAX/scan) machines.


Employees will use their Bulldog (ID) Card to swipe and operate the multifunction machines. 

Student Employees

Students employees cannot use their Bulldog (ID) Card with the department machines and will need a Copy Card.  In the event a student swipes their ID card on a department copier/printer, she/he will be charged for the job and funds deducted from their Bulldog Card account.

How to Get a Copy Card:

For questions about how to obtain a Copy Card(s) for your area, contact the Technology Services Liaison for your area, or call 278-5000.


For answers to your questions about your Bulldog Card, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.


Quickly and easily manage your account online:

Login to Transact and click on the "Bulldog Card" tab.

Online features include:

  • Check Resident Meal Plan balances: Dining Flex and Dining Dollars
  • View your Bulldog Bucks balance. Bulldog Bucks can be spent at the Kennel Bookstore, Starbucks in the Library, Food Court,
  • Paws-n-Go markets and Pay for Print
  • View and print transactions, statements and account history
  • Deposit funds online using a debit/credit card. Minimum deposit is $10
  • Freeze and unfreeze your card.

Deposit Funds to your card online

  1. Use your campus email credentials to login to your Student Portal and click on the
    middle drop box My Homepage
  2. Select “Campus Systems” Click on Bulldog Bucks - Transact
  3. Add funds to your account by selecting the “Add Money”
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to make a deposit
  5. The minimum amount of for credit/debit deposit $10

Deposit Funds to your card at a PHIL Station:

Visit any 1 of 6 PHIL Stations and use cash or debit/credit cards to add funds to your account. Minimum cash deposit is $1 bill, and minimum debit/credit card deposit is $10.  PHIL Stations do not dispense money. Find a PHIL Station at:

  • University Student Union. One station next to the fireplace
  • University Courtyard (Dorms): One station in the Atrium Computer Lab
  • Peter's Business Building, Room 131 computer lab
  • Kremen School of Education and Human Development, Basement Level - One station in front of the stairs
  • Henry Madden Libary - located on the main floor next to printers

Need help with a PHIL Station?

Call the Help Desk at 559-278-5000

Requesting a refund:

A refund of Bulldog Bucks will be given to cardholders upon graduation, withdrawal from classes or the university, or upon leaving Fresno State employment. A $5 Administrative Fee will be applied to process refunds. Pick-up a refund form at the Bulldog Card office.

Terms & Conditions

Download and read the complete terms and conditions of use.

Due to the pandemic we will not be taking in person pictures. We will be using an online photo submission process. The photo you submit will be used on your Bulldog Card. We will email you with instructions on submitting your photo. If this is your first Bulldog Card, and you did not receive an email from us, please contact us at the phone number or email listed below.

Please Note: Students who are new to Fresno State will automatically receive an email with their personal photo sumbission link and instructions after attending Dog Days Orientation.

The biggest issue that will delay your Fresno State Bulldog Card is your photo not meeting the US Passport submission guidelines.
Contact the Bulldog Card Office for any questions: 559.278.5608 |

Personal LInks for Submission

New students, staff, and faculty will recieve a personal link via email to submit their Bulldog Card headshot photo.

Accepted photo formats include JPG, PNG,  and GIF. The requirements for applying for the Bulldog Card are:

  • Must be actively enrolled or employed at California State University, Fresno
  • Must submit a headshot photo that meets the US Passport Submission Guidelines
  • Must submit a government issued identification. If you do not submit both documents, your submission will be denied.

Government issued ID's include: State Issued Identification Card,  Driver's License, Driver’s License Learner Permit (with photo), U.S. green card, passport/Visa, or U.S. Military ID (must be valid). After we have verified your identity, your Government ID will be deleted from our system.

If Submission is Approved:

  • You will recieve an email stating your submission was approved
  • All cards will be mailed to students via USPS
  • Make sure your mailing address is up to date on your Fresno State Portal on Student Self Service > Student Center > My Personal Information > Mailing Address

If Submission is Denied:

  • Check your email for the reasoning behind the denial
  • Please make sure your photo adheres to US Passport Submission Guidlines



If your card is lost or damaged, please click here for instructions on replacing it.

For answers to frequently asked questions, please click here.

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