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Employment and Recruitment

Search Committees

The Hiring Manager must identify a Search Committee Chair, search committee members and an EEO Designee. Depending on the level of the position, it is recommended that the search committee consist of three to seven members. The Search Committee Chair should be of equal of higher level of the open position. The EEO Designee should not be from the same College or Department/Division as the opening and must be current with their EEO designee training. If the Hiring Manager serves in a dual role as Chair, he/she must be involved in all phases of the search and not have any undue influence over the committee.

The committee should be diverse in terms of gender and ethnicity and may include customers and peers of the position. It is not recommended that all the members serving on the committee are from the same department. If the position is a represented position, at least one member of the committee should be a member of the union. Generally, search committees are comprised of staff and faculty who have an interest in the function served by the position. However, on occasion, individuals outside of the University and/or student representatives may serve on the committee. 

Search committee members should not be related to or engaged in business ventures with potential applicants, and should remove themselves from the committee if this situation arises. 

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