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Facilities Management

Key and Access Hardware

Mechanical Locks

Metal keys are the normal brass and steel keys used to open any non-electronic knobs, levers, and exit devices. The majority of the Fresno State campus is still mechanical and requires a traditional key for access. This does not include keys to office equipment such as storage cabinets, desk drawers, and other similar items.

Cabinets, desks, and storage containers can be requested through a Facilities Management Customer Service Request.


Blackboard swipes are small black locks that do not require a pin. These are hard-wired locks that can be controlled and programmed remotely by campus Police and the Lockshop.


Persona locks utilize WiFi technology and can be programmed remotely, however do not respond in real-time as is the case with the Blackboard locks. They are stand-alone and require a battery change.


Locknetics locks are brass or silver card swipes that also require a PIN. These locks are obsolete and are no longer supported. If a Locknetics lock requires maintenance or replacement, a Persona or metal key solution will be implemented by Plant Operations.

Requesting Keyless Entry

Keyless access is requested on the same portal as a metal key. Log into Click on the red paw print and sign on using your Fresno State SSO credentials. Click on "Request  Keys"