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Facilities Management

Frequently Asked Questions and Definitions

A.      Definitions

B.      Completing a key request and key distribution

C.      Approving the Request

D.      LockShop and Other Questions

E.       Notes on Good Practices

A.      Definitions

Metal Key              

A physical metal key used to open doors and other spaces on campus. For the purpose of this policy, a “key” does not include physical metal keys to office equipment such as storage cabinets, desk drawers, and other similar items.

Electronic Key       

Entry to spaces on campus using an employee’s Bulldog Card.


When used in association with keys or locked doors, Blackboard is the brand of keyless entry electronic units.


Four – eight digit number that adds additional security to door locks.

1)      Where do I find the new electronic form?

  • Navigate to
  • Click on the red paw print and sign on using your Fresno State SSO
  • Click on "Request  Keys"

2)      Where is the Key and Access Control policy located?

You can review the Key and Access Control policy here:

3)      I don’t know or can’t find the individuals ID number, what do I do?

Only individuals with an ID in PeopleSoft (i.e. Student, Employee or Visiting Scholar) can have a key request initiated.  If you cannot find the ID number using the lookup consider the following:

  • Has a request to hire or appoint this individual be initiated?  If yes, where is that request in the process?  If you recently forwarded the request, it may still be in the works – contact your manager/dean or HR office to determine status.
  • Are you using the correct name?  Sometimes names change, can you look up the person with other identifying information?  If not, contact HR for guidance.

5)      Can I request on behalf of someone else?

Yes.  To request a key for someone else you will need to enter his/her ID number.

6)      Can the electronic access be granted 24/7?

Yes; however, see notes on good practices.  To request Electronic access 24/7 – check all days (SU MO TU WE TH FR SA) and enter Start Time: 12:00am, End Time: 11:59pm.

7)      How do I know what approvals are still needed or when the key is issued?


8)      Can I request multiple individuals on one form?

No.  Each individual will need a separate form.  This ensures that each individual is reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis.  Remember our goal is to give access to individuals that have needs while keeping the campus safe and secure.

9)      Where do I pick up my keys?

Normal key issuing is located at the Facilities Management front office. To pick up keys you will need to have a form of ID.

10)   How will I know when Metal Keys are ready or my Electronic Key has been activated?

An email will be sent to the recipient and the requestor when metal keys are ready for pickup (with instructions) and/or an electronic key request has been completed. 

11)   I have a question or a problem with the key I was issued. Should I ask USU staff about it?

The USU staff only distributes the keys.  First, address your questions to your administrative assistant, manager, or Department Chair. If the question cannot be answered, contact Key Control at 559.278.2172.

12)   My keycard doesn't work in the door. Should I take it to the Bulldog Card office in Joyal?

First, determine that there was a request for you to have access to the door.  If the request was correct, contact Key Control at 559.278.2172 and Key Control staff will research your access problem and determine whether or not it is a program malfunction. If everything is working on the Key Control side, then you will be directed to the Bulldog Card office to have your card swiped and checked for demagnetization.

C.      Approving the Request

1)   How does a manager/chair/dean know to approve a request?

An email will be sent with instructions.  A Manager’s pending approvals will be displayed in the “My Worklist” area of the Forms Portfolio.

2)   How does the individual know when to pick up his/her keys? Or when the electronic access has been completed?

The requestor can track the progress of the request by reviewing the status under “My Worklist.”  In addition, an email will be sent when the keys are ready to be picked up at the USU to:

  •  the person who submitted the key request form
  •  the individual on the request form when the form is submitted

3)   What if the approver wants to change the request?  Can s/he change the hours, or remove a door?

The submitted request cannot be changed.  However, the approver can “Return for Changes” – this will send the form back to the requestor and/or “Add a new comment” to explain, clarify, justify, or make other additional notes.

4)   If the approver has a question, can s/he type it in the notes?

If the approver/manager/chair has questions about the issuance of access to the individual, s/he should clarify or resolve these prior to approving the request.  Do not approve a request that is questionable.  Use the comments for clarification, justification, or explanation to a higher approval level. 

D.      LockShop and Other Questions

1)      We have too many hard keys; can the department have an electronic entry installed?

In many cases, yes.  Contact Key Control/Lockshop at 559.278.2373 to discuss the options.  There are different solutions depending on usage and requirements.

2)      I need one or more rooms rekeyed. What do I do?

This is a two step process.  First part is to request the door to be rekeyed, and the second part is to have new keys issued. Given the number of options available, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you contact the locksmith at 559.278.2373 to discuss the options.

  • Complete a Customer Service Request through Facilities Management to have the door rekeyed.
  • Submit a key request with the words REKEY written in the Purpose section on the bottom of the form.

3)      I need a lock maintenance completed. Do I call Key Control now?

Call Plant Operations Work Center at 559.278.2373. Key Control is in the Lockshop; however, Key Control managing keys and building access.  Plant Operations addresses maintenance questions and concerns related to actual locks; maintenance and repair jobs require a Customer Service Request.

4)      I have a key, and I'd like to know what it opens. Can I call and ask?

Because our main concern is campus safety, the answer is, No.  1)  Check your key report to verify you have only keys that are recorded.  2)  If the key is not on your report, contact Key Control staff with the number etched on the key – Key Control staff will give you further instructions. 

E.       Notes on good practices

  • Most building doors are opened on weekdays between 6:00am and locked at 10:00pm.
  • Keep doors that lock shut – don’t prop open.
  • Don’t create practices that require individuals to share keys.
  • Doors or entries with large numbers of access or heavy turnover, consider electronic keys.  This will minimize the need to collect hard keys. Contact the lockshop to assess your needs.
  • It is best to be conservative when initially granting access.  For example, you just hired a student assistant to help with the front desk; the student will only be working when staff is present.  Consider whether it is a business need for the student to have a key, or if you have electronic access, can the days or hours be limited.
  • Departments are encouraged, whenever possible, to avoid issuing metal keys to students and/or to pursue securing spaces used by students with electronic locks.