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Facilities Management

Energy Bulldogs

In the summer of 2000, the State of California was in an energy crisis. PG&E periodically requested their electricity customers to immediately reduce their demand for power.

At Fresno State, the Facilities Management hired four students who spent their summer conserving energy usage on campus. When PG&E requested reduced demand, these students responded immediately and went from building to building turning OFF non-essential equipment. In between responding to demand reductions, the students walked the campus and turned OFF lights in unoccupied spaces.

The results were surprising and unexpected: The students were reducing the electricity bill by $35, 000 per month! Out of this success came the moniker: Energy Bulldogs.

The Energy Bulldogs have continued their work on the campus every summer since. The program has expanded and become proactive in educating faculty, staff and students and now offers energy tips for both campus and home.