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Facilities Management

How to Submit a Customer Service Request

Facilities Link Public Portal

Customer Service Request Instructions

  1. To view your Facilities Link Public Dashboard, request maintenance, or to request a new account go to the Public Portal page, at:

  2. From the Public Portal Page, Click: CAMPUS ACCOUNTSFacilities Link Home

  3. You will need to authenticate using SSO via the Central Authentication ServiceSingle Sign On Screen

  4. Once logged in you will be prompted to apply for an account. Type in USERNAME, PASSWORD, FIRST/LAST NAME, the page will auto generate fields in blue. (First name Last name and email are required fields.) Click APPLY.Apply for Account screen

  5. Review the Terms of Use Agreement and AGREE or DECLINE.Terms of Use Screen

  6. Facilities Link will email a request to confirm your account application.Confirmation Screen

  7. From your email, confirm your account by Clicking on the link provided.example of Confirmation Email

  8. Upon confirmation you will be routed back to the Public Portal Page, Click: CAMPUS ACCOUNTSFacilities Link

  9. You should now see this page.Work Submitted Request Screen