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Facilities Management

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March 20, 2023

Additional Solar Panel Installation in Parking Lot P5

Dear Campus Community,

The Central Utility Plant Replacement (CUPR) project’s solar photovoltaic (PV) installation is making progress. As shared earlier this semester, this work will occur in phases throughout the calendar year, and the next phase, which started last Friday, will move further into parking lot P5.

ADA parking is available between lots P5 and P6 as indicated in blue.

Alternative parking is available in lot P6 and the Save Mart Center parking lot. Traffic Operations continues to provide a limited shuttle service to assist pedestrians who park in the Save Mart Center parking lot.

In addition to providing shade for 1,500 parked cars, the PV canopies will generate 4.5 MW of electricity during peak hours and reduce the campus’ reliance on the electrical grid.

Additional Resources:

  • For up-to-date ADA pedestrian paths of travel during this project, be sure to access the interactive map available on the Facilities Management website or the Fresno State Mobile App.
  • Contact Meredith Sandrik at or call Facilities Management at 559.278.2373 if you have any questions. Feedback can also be provided here.

To learn more about the CUPR project and related benefits, including sustainability and energy conservation, click here.


Tinnah Medina Associate Vice President for Facilities Management 


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