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Classification and Compensation

Classification Program

Position Description Questionnaire Form
Classification Review Program Guide
CSU Classification Standards
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The campus classification program is based upon the system wide Classification and Qualifications Standards issued by the Trustees of the California State University. Classification is the process of reviewing a position and determining an appropriate CSU classification for all staff (non-faculty) positions.  The process applies to all employees in temporary, probationary and permanent staff positions, including Confidential and Administrator positions covered by the Management Personnel Plan

The CSU Class Standards contain descriptions of broad position responsibilities, general duties, and minimum education and/or experience requirements for each position classification. The classification program is designed to ensure that the skill level required and the responsibilities assigned to employees are accurately reflected in position descriptions and that positions are appropriately classified.

Classification Review

Through the process of job analysis, all administrative and staff positions are allocated to an appropriate classification on the basis of job content. It is CSU policy to strive to ensure that duties, responsibilities, and skill levels assigned to staff and management positions reflect the appropriate classification/skill level in accordance with the Classification and Qualification Standards issued by the CSU Trustees or Management Personnel Plan.

Positions may be subject to the classification review process whenever they become vacant, when the assignment has changed significantly, as part of a re-organization, and/or when required by terms of the appropriate collective bargaining unit.

Changes in position assignments do occur which cause the position to be classified improperly. Corrective action may include:

  • An in-classification progression (movement of position to the next skill level ex. ASCI to ASCII or ITC-Foundation to ITC-Career.)
  • A reclassification of the position to a different classification.
  • A determination that the position is appropriately classified, no changes are needed or the position description requires updating.

NOTE: An incumbent employee does not by virtue of experience, education, length of service, loyalty or seniority determine the assigned classification. It is the position, not the employee which is classified. Classification is determined solely by the duties and responsibilities assigned or delegated by the manager/administrator to the position.


HEERA designated managers and supervisors retain the right to assign duties to their staff. Consequently, it is essential that managers periodically review the position description to ensure it accurately describes assigned duties and address roles and responsibilities outlined for the employee.

Management Initiated Reviews

  • The MPP Manager/Supervisor communicates the justification for the changes in assignments and responsibilities to their appropriate administrator for approval prior to submission to Human Resources.
  • An updated position description, organization chart and justification shall then be forwarded to Human Resources for review.
  • Classification & Compensation shall formulate a classification recommendation and review the recommendation with the Appropriate Administrator.

Employee Initiated Reviews

  • A permanent employee may request a position review by completing the "Position Description Questionnaire Form" along with supporting documentation. Once completed, the form must be forwarded to their immediate MPP Manager for review prior to being forwarded to Human Resources. An employee may request a classification review provided the request is made in accordance with the appropriate collective bargaining agreement (e.g. Units 2.5.7 & 9 employees shall not submit subsequent request prior to twelve (12) months after completion of a previous classification review).
  • The manager/supervisor shall indicate their agreement/disagreement with the accuracy of the information, performance or need for continued performance of the duties described by the job description. It is the responsibility of the supervisor, appropriate administrator or Vice President to review the request, ensuring that the job description and comments provided by the employee reflect assigned duties.
  • The position description questionnaire may be submitted to Human Resources for further review by Classification and Compensation.
  • Classification & Compensation shall formulate a classification recommendation and review the recommendation with the Appropriate Administrator within 180 calendar days of receipt of the request in Human Resources.

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