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Budget and Resource Planning


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the Fresno State budget and hiring freeze because of the state fiscal crisis. If you have a budget question, click here and a Fresno State administrator will reply with an answer.

The CSU has declared "systemwide impaction." What does that mean?
The 23-campus California State University system is serving many students for whom the state provides no funding, and therefore must limit new admissions in 2009-10 to get the enrollment down to a number supported by the state.

How many new students will not be admitted to get to the number in line with state support?
10,000 students throughout our 23 CSU campuses.

What is the situation at Fresno State?
We have been carefully managing our enrollment over the years and we are over-enrolled by only 2.6 percent. Our enrollment this fall is 22,622. Our target for 2009-10 is 22,100. So we must reduce new admissions by about 500 students.

Are current students affected by this?
No. This does not affect those already enrolled.

How will you reduce the number of new students admitted?
We will reduce new admissions by implementing these moves for the 2009-10 academic year:

  1. We will hold firm on the previously announced application deadline for first-time freshmen of Feb. 1, 2009. All qualified first-time freshmen from our service area (Fresno, Madera, Kings, Tulare counties) who apply by this date will be admitted.
  2. Qualified first-time freshmen applicants from outside our service area will be guaranteed admission if they apply by Nov. 30. But if they apply between Dec. 1 and Feb. 1 they will be placed on a waiting list for review. We think we will be able to accommodate the wait-listed students, but we are not certain at this time.
  3. We will hold firm to the April 1 deadline for upper division transfer student applications.
  4. We will not accept applications from the following: lower division transfer students, students with a bachelor's degree who want to return for a second degree and graduate students who have not decided on a major.

What advice do you have for local students who want to attend a CSU campus outside of our area?
They should apply as soon as possible to the out-of-area campus of their choice, as well as applying to Fresno State, in case they are denied admission elsewhere. They also might want to consider attending a community college and then transferring as an upper division student to a CSU campus.

Does Fresno State expect layoffs at this point? What about next year?
We do not anticipate the need to consider layoffs for this fiscal year. We don't know what the budget picture holds for 2009-10, but we will make every effort to avoid layoffs.

Are Fresno State and CSU employees subject to Governor Schwarzenegger's proposed cutbacks that include once-per-month furloughs, elimination of two holidays and changes in overtime?
CSU employees are not subject to these proposals.

Will fee waivers still be available to Fresno State/CSU employees?
Yes. There is no change in this policy.

In his response to the Governor's Office about the proposed $63 million cuts, Chancellor Reed indicated that additional cuts would disrupt campus operations and the university's ability to provide mission-critical services. Have these areas been identified, and if so, which ones are they?
The vice presidents have been advised of the potential level of reduction that could occur. They are working with the appropriate people to develop contingency plans if it becomes necessary to complete a second mid-year reduction.

Is the university considering the four-day week as a cost reduction measure?
We have had a brief discussion on this topic and some information is being gathered for a further discussion. It is not likely to be considered at this time.

Will the CSU raise student fees and, if so, how much?
Fees will not change for 2008-09. We don't know about next year. The Board of Trustees will evaluate the situation and make a determination in the coming months.

Will student services and the number of courses available at Fresno State be reduced?
Not in Spring 2009, though there may be some delays in providing services. Depending on our budget for 2009-10, there may be reductions in that year.

What is the university doing to ensure that students can stay on track toward completing their degrees?
Because of our efforts to shield students from any impact of budget cuts this year, there should be little or no impact on their progress toward degrees. We will keep student progress as our top priority as we face any future budget reductions.