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Shade Garden

Located just south of the fountain, this area was designed to mimic a dry river bed. The plantings thrive in this shady location and bloom in the spring. There is a small path that allows you to walk through this area and feel secluded from the hustle and bustle of the Free Speech Area.


shade garden legend

  1. Sequoia sempervirens- Coastal Redwood
  2. Acer palmatum- Japanese Maple
  3. Rhododendron- Azalea
  4. Ophiopogan japanicus- Mondo Grass
  5. Liriope muscari
  6. Liriope muscari "Variegata"
  7. Iberis- Candy Tuft
  8. Colocasia esculenta- Elephant's Ear
  9. Pachysandra terminalis- Japanese Spushe
  10. Calocedrus decurrens- Incense Cedar
  11. Pinus nigra- Austrian Black Pine
  12. Hemerocallis- Day Lily
  13. Clivia miniata- Kaffir Lily
  14. Bletilla striata- Chinese Ground Orchid
  15. Moraea bicolor- Fortnight Lily
  16. Woodwardia fumbriata- Giant Chain Fern
  17. Agapanthus- Lily of the Nile "Peter Pan"

The Shade Garden Photos