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Accounting Services

Moving and Relocation

Updated January 2018

The State of California and the Trustees of the California State University (CSU) have issued rules and regulations concerning the procedures for making reimbursement of household moving expenses for a new employee. All claims for reimbursement must be accompanied by itemized receipts for each expenditure processed by the University. 


Please read HR 2018-07 Updated Moving and Relocation Policy and Updated CSU Internal Procedures Governing Moving and Relocation Expenses.

Campus Guidelines

Criteria in which the University will authorize reimbursement of moving and relocation expenses
include: the employee possesses specialized skills needed by the campus; the individual is currently
located in a geographic location that makes commuting prohibitive; provides incentive for individual to
accept position; and other reasons as determined by the appointing authority.

Monetary thresholds of progressive levels of authority are required for approval of moving and
relocation expenses as follows:

  • Up to $2,500 requires approval of the Manager/Dean/AVP.
  • $2,501 up to $10,000 requires approval of the Vice President for the applicable Division.
  • $10,001 up to $75,000 requires approval of the President.

Written authorization to approve the amount of moving and relocation expenses is required and will be
provided to the individual prior to the move via the University employment offer letter.

Exceptions for all moving and relocation reimbursements shall be approved by the President.
All moving expense reimbursements are taxable income to the employee, and will be added to their
compensation, and be subject to all withholding taxes.

Reimbursement for any tax liabilities (“grossing up”) incurred by the employee as the result of receiving
reimbursement for relocation expenses is prohibited.

Implementation of HR 2018-07 will be consistent with and follow the guidelines as provided in Attachment A of HR 2018-07.