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Clery Act Compliance

Resources and Reports


Annual Security Report

As required by the Clery Act, this report is published every year by October 1st. This report contains information regarding various institutional policies, procedures and programs related to safety and security of the university community.

This report also includes a disclosure of statistics regarding Clery-reportable crimes that occurred on or within Fresno State’s Clery-reportable geography for the three most recent calendar years.

Annual Fire Safety Report

The Higher Education Act Fire Safety Regulations require institutions with on-campus student housing facilities to publish this report every year by October 1st. This report contains information regarding various fire safety policies, procedures and programs.

This report also includes a disclosure of statistics regarding reportable fires that occurred in those housing facilities for the three most recent calendar years.

Campus Safety Plan

As required by California Education Code § 67380 this report is published every year. This report contains information regarding special safeguards that have been established for particular facilities or activities in the preceding 18 months to increase safety, and safety enhancements expected to be made during the next 24 months.

Daily Crime Log

The Clery Act requires institutions with a campus police or security department publish a Daily Crime Log. The purpose of this log is to record all criminal incidents and alleged criminal incidents that are reported to the University Police Department. This includes any crime within the patrol jurisdiction of the Fresno State Police Department, not just Clery crimes in Clery geography.

The Systemwide Hate Crimes Report on hate violence incidents reported on California State University campuses pursuant to California Education Code § 67380(a)(5).


Please follow this link to report Clery Crimes that you have been made aware of, occurring within our Clery Geography. 

If a serious crime that may cause an ongoing threat to our campus community is reported to your department, please notify the Fresno State Police Department immediately by dialing 559.278.8400 or 911. 

Fresno State has a legal responsibility to notify the campus community in a timely manner about any crimes on and immediately around the campus that pose an ongoing threat to the community. 

Off Campus and Travel Reporting Form

The university needs information on Clery Act qualifying locations in order to follow-up with the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the Clery reportable space.  Additional information regarding identifying these non-campus properties is available on the Clery Geography and Clery Crimes page.

Executive Order 1107

Executive Order 1107 is the California State University systemwide policy that guides all 23 CSU campuses with their institutional compliance with the Clery Act.