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Clery Act Compliance

2019 Campus Safety Plan

Availability, Location, and Methods to Summon Law Enforcement Assistance

The Sonoma State University Police Department is located on campus at 1801 East Cotati Avenue, Verdot Village, Rohnert Park, CA and provides law enforcement services 24 hours a day to our community. Police Dispatch can be reached directly 24 hours a day by phone at 707-664-4444. The peace officers of Sonoma State University have state-wide police authority and jurisdiction per Penal Code 830.2 and Education Code 89560, and are vested with law enforcement powers and responsibilities, identical to the local police or sheriff departments in your home community.

Crime Reporting

The entire campus community is strongly encouraged to report any and all known or suspected incidents of criminal activity on campus to the University Police Department as soon as possible. When calling Sonoma State University Police always:

  • Give your name, telephone number, and location.
  • Give clear and accurate information.
  • Be prepared to supply suspect and vehicle description, and direction of travel.
  • DON’T HANG UP! Follow the instructions of the dispatcher.

By Telephone

  • Emergency: 9-1-1
  • Non-emergency: (707)-664-4444

In Person

  • Sonoma State University Police at the south end of Verdot village across from parking Lot ‘D’ and the Student Center.

Emergency Blue Light Call Stations

A 9-1-1, 24-hour, button activated, emergency telephone system will put you in contact with emergency personnel for any emergency need. There are 35 call stations located throughout campus, including the residential community.

Special Safeguards for Facilities or Activities

Security of and Access to Campus Facilities

All campus facilities are key or key-card accessed, and most are open daily for scheduled campus community use.  Campus key control and distribution is a function of Seawolf Services and Facilities Services. To provide for the security of campus facilities, University Police enforces Educational Code 89031 & Housing Policies. Campus facility access may be revoked per Penal Code 626.

Security Considerations Used in Maintenance of Campus Facilities

Regular inspections and security surveys of campus indoor/outdoor lighting, shrubbery and walkways are conducted. The University participates in Crime Prevention through Environmental Design concepts for planning and improvements on campus.

Special Event Safety Planning

Preparation for large events on campus involves the creation of Incident Action Plans according to the Standardized Emergency Management System and in collaboration with mutual aid agencies and contracted safety personnel.

New Student Orientations

University Police personnel provide personal safety tips and emergency contact information to new students on a regular basis. Students are informed of policies, voluntary confidential crime reporting procedures, and safety programs through regular outreach through email, social media, and tabling at events throughout the academic year.

New Employee Orientations

The offices of Safety & Risk Management and Human Resources present safety policies and procedures to new employees by in-person orientations. Employees are informed of injury and illness prevention, workplace violence prevention, confidential victim/survivor counseling services, safety programs, and voluntary confidential crime reporting procedures.

Actions in the Last 18 Months to Increase Safety

  • Implemented "I CAN HELP" mental health training for non-clinical faculty, staff, and students
  • Assigned UPD personnel to assess and report campus lighting deficiencies to proper campus entities for resolution
  • Hired a Confidential Advocate to support students impacted by sexual violence
  • Replaced lighting in a parking lot that is part of a major travel path across campus
  • Appointed a respondent service staff member to support students impacted by sexual violence
  • Appointed emergency marshals in all campus buildings to help during emergnecies and evacuations
  • Emergency preparedness and response and crime prevention training introduced to new employee orientations '
  • Created new University Police social media (Twitter) account to better communicate crime prevention tips to community
  • Required New Member Education program for over 400 students to include sexual violence prevention, hazing, and alcohol and drug awareness
  • Mandated Reporter training for student/professional staff working with our summer youth camp
  • Created concussion protocol to protect club athletes
  • Created the Dream Center for undocumented student support services

Safety Initiatives During the Next 24 Months

  • Implement workstation display override for emegency notification messages
  • Implement an electric police motorcycle patrol vehicle to enhance patrol capabilities and officer accessibility
  • Formalize campuswide Bystander Intervention training for students
  • Make signficant security improvements to the Student Health Center and Counseling & Psychological Services buildings
  • Enhance safety training for fraternity and sorority members in Spring 2019
  • Add pedestrian warning lights to key crossings
  • Add Sexual Violence Prevention and Clery Act awareness training for all student athletes
  • Enhance UPD intern program which provides additional walking patrols around campus
  • Redesign campus safety partner websites to enhance and encourage student and community access
  • Implementation of Safety Services newsletter
  • Implementation of new building and department emergency action plans

California State University, Sonoma Statistical Report 2017

The report is a separate and distinct report from the Annual Security Report required under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act (the Clery Act). The report can be found at

The statistics were compiled using the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting program definitions, occurring on campus, and in compliance with California State Education Code, Chapter 16, of the Donahue Higher Education Act, Section 67380.

2017 Statistics (California Education Code 67380(a)(1)(a))

Occurrences and/or arrests for On Campus
Part I violent crimes* 11 
 Hate crimes 0
Noncriminal acts of hate violence 0
Theft 79
Destruction of property 16
Illegal Drugs 23
Alcohol intoxication 11

* Part 1 violent crimes include willful homicide, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

Occurrences and/or arrests for Systemwide
Hate Crimes 2
Noncriminal acts of hate violence 2