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Accounting Services

Travel Approval Guidelines

  • Expenditures below $2,500 require approval by the Dean/Director
  • Expenditures of $2,500 or more require approval by the Provost/Vice President
  • International travel requires approval by the Chief Financial Officer and the Provost/Vice President
  • International travel to high risk areas must be coordinated through Risk Management and requires approval by the President and the California State University Executive Vice Chancellor
  • Lodging rates greater than $275.00 per night, excluding taxes, must include a written justification with approval from the employee's Vice President.

Additionally, authorized approvers shall not approve:

  1. Travel expenses of individuals to whom they report to either directly or indirectly, that is, the approving authority should be the supervisor (or higher level) of the traveler. Campus presidents are an exception. The chief financial officer of the campus shall approve the travel expenses of their campus president, including the spouse, registered domestic partner, or an associate of the president.
  2. Travel expenses of a near relative (e.g. spouse, registered domestic parter, significant other, child, or parent).
  3. Their own travel expenses.