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Accounting Services

Air Travel

Transportation expenses shall be reimbursed based on the most economical mode of transportation and the most commonly traveled route consistent with the purpose of the trip. Transportation expenses allowable under this policy and procedures are those that are considered
necessary to accomplish the official business purpose of the trip.

Transportation Tickets

Transportation tickets should be procured in advance in order to obtain any discounts offered by the carrier or negotiated by the University. Such tickets should be purchased from the campus contracted travel agency. Travelers will not be reimbursed for travel certificates, vouchers or
frequent traveler miles that are used for the purchase of transportation tickets.

Indirect or Interrupted Itineraries

Additional expenses resulting from an indirect route or interrupted travel for other than University business shall be borne by the traveler. Reimbursement of expenses shall be limited to the lesser of actual costs incurred or the charges that would have been incurred via the usually
traveled route. Any resulting excess travel time will not be considered work time and will be charged to the appropriate type of leave. The employee shall be responsible for accurate reporting of such leave time.

Travel Extended to Save Costs

Additional expenses associated with travel extended to save costs (e.g., a Saturday night stay for domestic travel) may be reimbursed when the cost of airfare would be less than the cost of airfare had the traveler not extended the trip, provided the expenses were incurred in compliance
with the policy and procedures. Such expenses, which include lodging, car rental, M&IE incurred within the vicinity of the business destination, shall not exceed the amount the University would have paid had the traveler not extended the trip.

Commercial Airlines
Coach or Economy Class

Coach or any other discounted economy class fare shall be used whenever ticketing restrictions are reasonable. This applies to all travel (domestic or international, or any combination thereof) regardless of the purpose or fund source.

Baggage Fees

The University will pay the cost for checked baggage that is considered reasonable and necessary for the business purpose and length of the trip. The approving authority is responsible for determining if the fees are appropriate.


Optional upgrades will not be reimbursed without written business justification.

This information was taken from the CSU Systemwide Travel Policy. More detailed information can be found here: