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Accounting Services


For your convenience, listed below are contacts by subject/topic and phone number. Click here to view Fresno State's Campus Directory for an alphabetical listing of all Accounting Services staff.

Assigned Duties Contact Phone
Accounts Payable Manager  Cynthia Hanks  5485
All Vendor Payments: A - C, Petty Cash Anna Andalon 2760
All Vendor Payments: D - J, Staples Paola Linares 1070
All Vendor Payments: K-O Marie Cuningham 2911
All Vendor Payments: P - S Eva Owens 7831
All Vendor Payments: T - Z,
Employee Reimbursements & Travel: M - Z
Virginia Nevarez 2877
Employee Reimbursements & Travel: A-L, Concur Support Marie Cuningham 2911
Accounts Receivables (non-student); Cash Receipts Coding Brandon McFarland  5481
AD NOAT/Cash Posting Order (CPO) Journal Entry References (pro-rated system-wide revenues/expenses from the CSU Chancellor's Office) Vicky Vongdara 7985
Budget Allocations Involving the Division of Academic Affairs Academic Affairs 2636
Chargeback Entries for Supplies, IMC, Database, ITC, Photographic, Plant Operations. Linda Vivian 7882
Contracts -- Entering into, initiating, questions on limits, etc. Brian Cotham 2111
Emergency/Expedited Purchase Orders Procurement Office 2111
IRA Funds: How to establish Academic Resources 3079
IRA Funds 463XX, 464XX Approvals, Expenditure Questions, Signature Forms Ashley LaCuesta 6143
Journal Entries -- Expense Transfers, Corrections, Other Charges  
Payroll: General Questions; Holidays, Leave Balances, Paydates Payroll Office 3960
Payroll Transfers/TOPs PJ Soligian 8133
PeopleSoft: Establishment of New Chartfields Fund -- Account, Class, Fund Lora Kutka 4343
Petty Cash and Change Funds -- Establishing, Regulations, Reimbursements, Closing Out Anna Andalon
Pick-up of Local Checks Public Contact Area Cashier Services 2641
Postage Chargebacks Mike Von Dohlen 2740
Print Shop Chargebacks Mike Von Dohlen 2740
Procurement and Purchasing Questions Procurement Office 2111
Procurement Cards -- General Questions Procurement Office 2111
Procurement Card Payment Questions Marie Cuningham 2911
Shipping and Receiving  Warehouse 2139
Reimbursed Activities -- Journal entries and billings Brandon McFarland  5481
Satellite Cashiering -- Establishing Satellite Cashiering Station, Policies and Procedures Gina Tamez 2991
Surplus Property Warehouse 2139
Telephone Chargebacks Ar Xiong 3923
Trust Funds: How to Establish, Trust Agreements Lora Kutka 4343
Trust Funds 43XXX Approvals, Expenditure Questions Lora Kutka 4343
Trust Funds 441XX & 4444XX (Continuing Education and Related) Lora Kutka 4343
Trust Funds 465XX, Approvals, Expenditure Questions Vicky Vongdara 7985 
Trust Funds 467XX Approvals, Expenditure Questions Linda Vivian 7882
Trust Funds 481XX Approvals, Expenditure Questions Vicky Vongdara 7985
Trust Funds 485XX Approvals, Expenditure Questions PJ Soligian 8133
Trust Funds 496XX Approvals, Expenditure Questions

Vicky Vongdara 7985
W-9 requests and Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN's) questions Vicky Vongdara 7985
Warehouse Supplies Warehouse 2139
Work Study Journal Entries and Analysis PJ Soligian 8133