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If a Faculty, Staff or Administrators is ill for 5 consecutive days or shows a pattern of absences that may require intermittent time away from work due to illness for self or to care for an eligible family member:

Steps Faculty, Staff & Administrators (MPP) requesting leave Manager/Chair/Administrator (MPP) of person requesting leave Human Resources Analyst/Leave Coordinator
Step 1 Discuss need for medical leave for self or eligible family member with your manager. Notify Human Resources if faculty, staff & administrators has been out or will be out for more than 5 consecutive days or has been out intermittently. Upon notification by employee or manager, begin the leave process.
Step 2 Contact Human Resources via e-mail (see Initiate a Medical Leave of Absence) or call 278-2032 for an appointment to discuss   eligibility for medical leave programs and usage of available leave credits. Refer faculty, staff & administrators to Human Resources. Schedule leave meeting with faculty, staff or administrator to discuss program eligibility, usage of available leave credits and prepare documents.
Step 3 Complete required forms by deadline date (provided by your leave coordinator):
  • Medical Leave Application
  • Request for Family Medical Leave (FML)
  • Certification of Health Care Provider
  • CAT Leave Donation Option Sheet, if applicable
Sign Medical Leave Application and CAT Leave Donation option sheet (if applicable).
Note dates of leave and type of leave (FT, PT, and Intermittent). Usage of leave credits that employee may be eligible for are based on medical leave program(s), CBA or Title 5.
Receive completed Medical Leave Application with appropriate Administrator signature(s).
Step 4 Stay in touch with your department during your leave.   Maintain communication with employee.  Communicate with appropriate Administrator and employee.
Step 5 Provide leave coordinator with doctor notes regarding extensions, work restrictions or full return to work status PRIOR to physically reporting to work. Inform Human Resources first day employee reports back to work. Receive medical notes and return to work notes from employee. 
Notify manager of employee’s medical status based on medical notes received: extensions, work restrictions, and/or return to work date.