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Non-Medical Leaves of Absence

Please contact the Human Resources Department to schedule an appointment with the assigned Leave Coordinator to discuss leave questions and/or how to initiate a leave request:

Leave Coordinator Assignment
Juanita Aguilar
Benefits Manager
(559) 278-5336

Medical & Parental Leaves

  • Lecturers
  • FERP
  • Unit 11

(PT Faculty, TAs & GAs)

*For Personal Leaves contact Faculty Affairs at (559) 278.3027.

Cathy Legarretta
Confidential Leave Coordinator
(559) 278-5012

Medical, Parental and Personal Leaves

  • Staff
  • MPP
  • Coaches
  • Librarians

Medical & Parental Leaves 

  • Faculty (Tenure/Tenure Track)

*For Personal Leaves contact Faculty Affairs at (559) 278.3027.


Leaves of Absence

Types of Leave Programs

Usage of Leave Credits

Roles and Responsibilities

Assigned Leave Coordinator

Initiate a Leave of Absence


Leave Related Forms

Non-Medical Leave Application