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Initiate a Medical Leave of Absence

Faculty/Staff/Administrator: If you will need to take a medical leave that may exceed five (5) working days or require intermittent absences for yourself or to care for an eligible family member, please contact Human Resources to schedule an appointment with your Leave Coordinator. The Leave Coordinator will discuss with you the usage of leave credits, required documents and the coordination of medical leave programs for which you may be eligible for.

Appropriate Administrator: If your employee (faculty, staff & administrators) has been off work due to illness for more than 5 consecutive work days or has been sporadically off due to medical reasons for self or eligible family members, please refer the employee to Human Resources. The Leave Coordinator will contact the employee and mail him/her the necessary paperwork. The Leave Coordinator will keep you informed of the status of the medical leave.

Begin the Medical Leave Process:

Please contact Human Resources at (559) 278-2032 to schedule an appointment.

At the scheduled appointment leaves programs, documentation and process will be discussed with the employee.

Leave Coordinator Assignment
Juanita Aguilar
Benefits Manager
(559) 278-5336
Lectures, FERP & Unit 11
(PT Faculty/TAs/GAs)

*For Personal Leaves contact Faculty Affairs at (559) 278-3027.

Cathy Legarretta
Confidential Leave Coordinator
(559) 278-5012
Staff and MPP - Medical and Personal Leaves
Coaches, Faculty & LibrariansMedical Leaves

*For Personal Leaves contact Faculty Affairs at (559) 278-3027.

Medical Leaves of Absence

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Usage of Leave Credits

Roles and Responsibilities

Assigned Leave Coordinator

Initiate a Leave of Absence


Leave Related Forms

Medical Leave Application

Please visit the forms page for the forms listed below:


Rights and Responsibilities

Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee

Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member

Certification of Health Care Provider for Paternity

Notice & Request Form

Pregnancy Disability

Notice B

Certification of Health Care Provider

Nonindustrial Disability Insurance (NDI)

How to File a Claim


Catastrophic Leave

Option Sheet