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Accounting Services

About Accounting Services

The University Controller is vested with the responsibility of recording complete, accurate, and timely financial data for reporting purposes and for use by management in planning and decision making.  The stewardship responsibility of Accounting Services requires the maintenance of records in accordance with requirements of each funding source, reporting on resources used and must provide evidence of compliance with legal provisions.

Accounting Services Responsibility Chart

The department has five business units, plus Cashiering Services and University Travel. We developed a Responsibility Chart complete with names and contact information to help. 

Business Units

Five units working together and with other university offices to provide services to students, faculty, staff and other customers in compliance with Executive Orders from the California State University system. The following are Accounting Services units and their respective responsibilities:

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable

Has the responsibility for agency payables, receivables, charge backs, independent operations and trust accounting, and all account payable functions for the University. Click here for more information, including contacts.

Bulldog Card & Imaging

The Bulldog Card is the official identification and debit card for the University.  This business unit is responsible for providing identification cards to all populations of Fresno State including: Students (international and domestic), State, Auxiliary, and Foundation employees (faculty and staff), university program participants local and off-site, visitors (international and domestic) and vendors. The business unit also contains the Financial Services Imaging Center and is responsible for imaging the University's financial documents. Click here to learn more about Bulldog Card & Imaging, and cardholder privileges. 

General Accounting & Financial Reporting

Is responsible for financial statement preparation and coordination related to the annual General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) audit. Maintenance of the general ledger, fiscal closing, report preparation, and various account reconciliations. General Accounting maintains the Chart of Accounts, also referred to as Chartfields, and is charged with processing, disbursing, and accounting for: Awards made by the Financial Aid Office, accounts payable functions, and financial reporting for the Fresno State Athletic Corporation. Click here for more, including contacts.

Perkins & Nursing Loans

We provide counseling and support to students after the loan is awarded, and once a student leaves school. Click here to learn more about Perking & Nursing Loan, including contacts, or visit the Financial Aid Office to learn how to apply.

Student Accounts

Maintains all financial transactions recorded on students accounts, including tuition, registration and campus fees, and are responsible for the collection of all student related account receivables. Oversees Cashiering for all Stateside operations of the University and fiscal responsibilities for registration cycles. Click here for more, including contacts.